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At Balanced Rock 97.5 and 100.5, we've let our hair down to "Boom Back the 80's!" We remember secretly leaving for the hills with a kegger in tow, our significant other snuggled next to us -- armed with a boombox to bask in some unforgettable moments accompanied by a soundtrack of Kiss, AC/DC, Def Leppard and Van Halen. You'd give anything to relive those moments, right? Can't help you with a boyfriend or girlfriend, but we can help you win the MOTHER OF ALL BOOMBOXES.

If you want to "boom back the 80's" and win a modern bluetoothable box, listen every day, Monday through Friday at 7:10 am and 5:10 pm with Big Stu and Dina Diamond. Write down 4 of the ten song titles played during the week and then log on to balanced rock radio dot com to submit your entries. Big Stu will giveaway SIX boomboxes each following Monday based on those entries. You will also be entered to win a $300 MASSIVE BOOMBOX at the end of the promotion. You can get additional chances to win by visiting Apricot Home, downtown Twin Falls. Booming the 80's back to you every day (Yeah, baby!), we are the all new Balanced Rock 97.5 and 100.5.